Frequently asked questions about the WeldAware® Monitor

FAQ: How does the WeldAware® Monitor work?


ANS: When a weld is made, current flows through the secondary circuit. The monitor’s secondary coil senses the current flow and causes the monitor to collect data from each of its installed sensors current coil, voltage probes, force or pressure sensor. The data are collected for as long as nearly 2 seconds and are periodically parsed into time slices of duration appropriate for the particular welding process being monitored. When the monitor is taught as a weld is being made, an error band of +/- 10% is placed around the profile of each variable being monitored. For all welds made subsequent to teaching, the monitor compares the weld profile for all monitored parameters with the limits developed during the teaching process. If anything is out of limits the unit’s red light turns on and stays on until the monitor is reset

FAQ: What additional equipment do I have to have in order to make the WeldAware® Monitor function on my welder?


ANS: None at all. Out of the box the WeldAware® Monitor is ready to be configured (by setting a jumper or two) to meet the user’s requirements. It can also be interlocked to the machine, if desired, to prevent welding from continuing when an alarm occurs until the reset button is pressed.

FAQ: Can I connect the WeldAware® Monitor to my PLC?


ANS: Absolutely! The unit is equipped with an output that turns OFF when an out-of-limits condition occurs and an input that can be used to clear the alarm condition of the output and toggle the output ON and OFF so that the PLC can check the operational integrity of the monitor before each weld is made. In addition, the output toggles OFF for approximately 50msec at the end of each weld so that the PLC can verify that the monitor is still on line and/or recognize that a weld has been made.

FAQ: What happens if I lose power to the monitor after I have established my limits?


ANS: Nothing. The monitor stores the limits immediately in non-volatile memory. Simply turn the monitor back on and continue welding.

FAQ: What if I want a different error band for my limits?


ANS: The monitor has jumpers that allow the user to select error bands of +/- 10%, 15%, 20%, or 25%. For a small customization fee, a new monitor can be delivered with a different error band of the customer’s choosing. For the same customization fee plus a shipping and handling charge, any monitor can be returned to the factory to have the error band modified from standard settings.

FAQ: Does WeldComputer Corporation provide support services — such as training and weld troubleshooting — for its WeldAware® Monitor customers?


ANS: WeldComputer Corporation’s design engineers have worked industriously to develop a monitor that is low-cost, easy to install, and simple to use. The WeldAware® Monitor has met those objectives and the documentation provided with the monitor contains all the information a user needs to learn in a very short time how to install and operate the monitor. Training should not be necessary, but WeldComputer Corporation does offer a complete suite of resistance welding training and consulting services. In addition, WeldAware® Monitor customers have the option of returning their system(s) to WeldComputer Corporation for a Standard Weld Evaluation that can be used to guide weld improvement

FAQ: What if the weld I make when I’m teaching the monitor is not acceptable. I don’t want to use limits that were developed with a bad weld!


ANS: Simply teach the monitor until you produce a weld that is acceptable. Every time the monitor is taught it discards its old limits information.

FAQ: What is the warranty?


ANS: Equipment provided by WeldComputer Corporation is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery, provided such equipment is used in the fashion for which it was intended and has not been modified or subjected to abuse. WeldComputer Corporation’s liability is limited to the repair or replacement of, at WeldComputer Corporation’s sole option, any equipment proved defective, provided such equipment is returned to WeldComputer Corporation prepaid. The warranties expressed above are in lieu of and exclusive of all other warranties. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, except as stated herein. In no event shall WeldComputer Corporation be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages, even if the possibility of such incidental or consequential damages has been made known to WeldComputer Corporation. WeldComputer Corporation reserves the right to discontinue manufacture of any product or change product materials, design, or specifications without notice.

FAQ: Does the WeldAware® Monitor provide protection against unauthorized changes to the limits?


ANS: Yes. The system includes a key switch that toggles between the “Teach Mode” and the Operate Mode. Simply turn the switch to the Operate Mode and remove the key to lock out unauthorized changes that could affect the upper and lower limits.

FAQ: Do you accept Purchase Orders?


ANS: In addition to online sales and sales through distributors, we accept Purchase Orders. Please press the Order Info button for more information.

FAQ: What is your return policy?


ANS: If you return your unit under warranty, we will repair or replace it at our sole discretion. If you return a system complete and in “like new” condition within 30 days from original delivery, we will accept it back for a 25% restocking fee.

FAQ: How do I obtain service?


ANS: All service for the WeldAware® Monitor is performed at the WeldComputer Corporation factory. Fill out the Contact form. List the serial number of the unit being returned for service and provide a description of the issue.