The WeldAware® Monitor provides features that are normally found in the most expensive resistance welding monitors.

The unit is so easy to use that the entire operating manual is on the front panel of the product.

WeldComputer Corporation’s economical and easy-to-use WeldAware® Monitor is designed to warn a resistance welding operation if key welding parameters drift beyond specified limits. Now every welding business can afford protection from the type of process variation that can damage parts and destroy profits.

Product Photo

The unit is so easy to set up we literally had it in production monitoring our welds 15 minutes out of the box.

Skill Tool & Die Corp, Avon, OH

Full monitoring capability

The basic WeldAware® Monitor checks

  • secondary current profile
  • secondary voltage profile
  • secondary resistance profile
  • secondary power profile
  • kiloAmp-seconds
  • kilowatt-seconds
  • weld time

Upgrades are available to include pressure or force.

Works with any welder

The WeldAware® Monitor will work with

  • spot welders
  • projection welders
  • seam welders
  • 50 or 60Hz AC or DC welders
  • frequency converter welders
  • inverter welders
  • cap discharge welders

Easy to mount

Protective enclosure makes mounting easy

  • Dimensions: 9.625″ x 6.25″ x 3.25″
  • Weight: approximately 4 lbs
  • Power Requirements: 60Hz 110VAC
  • Location: any practical distance from the welding head
  • Mounting: flange for mounting with screws

Easy to set up and use.

The WeldAware® Monitor is the easiest-to-use monitor on the market today. Simply turn the key to “Teach” while welds are being made. When the green light turns on — normally after one or two welds — turn the key to the “Operate” position and the monitor establishes upper and lower limits. Any time that a subsequent weld exceeds the established limits, the Monitor®s red light will turn on until the reset button is pushed. A key lock is supplied to assure the integrity of the limits.

In my opinion, the WeldAware® Monitor has been ultra-reliable as these machines are doing one weld per second and they have run every day for the last 3 years.

Allan Rogers, Smart Tooling LTD


The WeldAware® Monitor will increase the quality assurance of any welding operation. It detects a wide range of problems linked to variations in the machine electrical and force performance, so operations can prevent these discrepant welds from passing through production undetected. It should be noted, however, problems with the weld thermal performance can still exist, even when there is no measurable variation in the weld machine electrical delivery or force. For operations where making a bad weld is not an option, visit WeldComputer to learn how any resistance welding operation can achieve the same levels of quality assurance enjoyed by the highest precision aerospace welding operations.